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Spectrum Sabers

The First

The First

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The First was designed to be the best for all that you do: spinning, dueling, practicing, or learning the Jedi art. This saber is everything you want.

Let's break down the craftsmanship of The First:


  • Flash on Clash: See the blade melt upon impact
  • Smooth Swing: Blade colors and sound shift in the air while swinging
  • Unlimited Programable Colors: Comes with 44 preset colors and the ability to program your own
  • NEO-PIXEL: The best and brightest blades available with ignition and retraction, and area specific blade effects.
  • Integrated Blade Tips: Never break a tip on the ground again
  • Super Strong Blade: Two year warranty included
  • Removable for storage


  • SaberTec: Golden Harvest V3

          - The most advanced lightsaber board available

  • SD Card: Easy to remove and update/edit software
  • Detects swings, clashes, stabs, twists, and spins with unique features for each
  • Premium Sound Fonts
  • Premium Speaker: Extremely loud; volume adjustable while using
  • Settings can be customized to your liking
  • 99 Customizable Profiles

          - Follow the guided tour to create your own colors and effects profile

  • Easy to use and customize


  • CNC machined and milled from aircraft grade aluminum

          - Extremely durable and comes with a two year manufacterer warranty

  • Dual Momentary Switches

          - One for power/blade colors and the other for sound and effects

  • Two setscrews ensure blade connection


  • The highest quality 21700 battery on the market

          - Much stronger than an 18650

  • 4,000 MAH 35 AMPS

          - Two hour continuous usage

  • Intelligent voltage protection
  • Quick battery swapping

          - Never wait for your saber to charge again


  • USB port for easy and portable charging
  • Quick charge time
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